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Having completed a diploma in Classical studies at the age of nineteen, I graduated in flute  at the Conservatory “Arrigo Boito”, Parma, and, later on, got a postgraduate degree with full marks and distinction at the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi”, Milan.

I attended various courses to improve my musical ability  studying with a number of teachers of the French and Italian flute school such as Enzo Caroli, Angelo Persichilli, Bruno Cavallo, Raymond Guiot, Maxence Larrieu and Conrad Klemm.

I’m particularly grateful to Conrad Klemm, not only for having passed on his deep knowledge about the flute to me, but also for having introduced me to the Alexander Technique, a discipline  which I become so interested in that I completed a three years training course to obtain a teaching diploma at the “Centre for the Alexander Technique” in London.

I am currently playing in various chamber music ensembles.

I have performed in Italy and abroad, for important musical societies such as “La Società dei Concerti” of Milan, the Conservatory of Burgos (Spain), Swiss-Italian Radio, the Italian Cultural institute of London, the National Theatre and the University of Tai Chung (Taiwan).

As soloist, with the National Chamber Orchestra of Moldova.

I have recorded a CD of music for flute and harp with the harpist Elena Piva and a CD of music by Simonetta Sargenti edited by Rugginenti.

I have taught the Alexander Technique in London at  the “Arts Educational Schools” and at “City Lit”.

In Italy I am facilitating conferences, courses and seminars on the Alexander Technique at conservatories and musical academies.